Hammertoes, StayFuse Intramedullary Fusion System

Hammertoe is a condition where one or both muscles of the toes is severely bent, causing the toe to take on a deformed appearance that resembles a ’hammer’. Hammertoes generally start out as mild defects, which are often aggravated by the pressure of wearing shoes. Over time, the joints can become more and more bent, resulting in a more extreme – and sometimes debilitating – deformity. Left untreated, hammertoes will become rigid over time and will require surgical intervention to correct.
There are a variety of causes of  hammertoes, but the most common is an imbalance in the muscles or tendons. Toes that are too long for shoes or injury and trauma to the toe are other reasons this condition may develop. There are a number of non-surgical options that can treat a hammertoe in its early stages. Some of these are injection therapy, wearing corrective footwear and applying splints to realign the affected toe or toes.

If these methods do not alleviate the condition, surgical intervention may be a patient’s last resort. One of the surgical methods that podiatry specialists at the La Peer Health Systems use is the StayFuse Intramedullary Fusion System by Tournier. The StayFuse™ device consists of an interlocking two piece titanium screw that snaps together for the fusion of small bones and replaces the 1.1mm K-wires used in traditional methods.

To correct a hammertoe using the StayFuse method, the first and second bones of the toe are fused together at the point where the tendon was overstretched and caused the crooked appearance. The devices are color-coded by size, decreasing length and circumference for each toe to accommodate the change in bone size. The benefits of the StayFuse Intramedullary Fusion System over other methods of surgical repair of hammertoes is a decreased chance of infection, no post-op implant exposure and no disruption of healthy joints.

If you’ve been suffering from the pain that’s often associated with hammertoes, the good news is you don’t have to suffer any longer. The specialists at La Peer Health Systems can help you decide which treatment method may be right for you by evaluating your condition and concerns. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with a member of our podiatry team today.

Preparing for your day of surgery at La Peer Surgery Center, premier surgery center-Beverly Hills

What to Do Before Surgery at La Peer


You and your surgeon will discuss your procedure(s) with you and schedule a time at La Peer Surgery Center. La Peer staff will call you 1 day before your procedure and guide you thru pre-operative instructions. If for some reason you have not been contacted by La Peer staff by 5 pm the day before your surgery, please give us a call at 310-272-7781. We will make every effort to contact you but it is important that you contact us if for some reason you missed our call or for other reasons.

Make sure you bring the following items to the surgery center on your day of the procedure.

  1. Your ID or passport.
  2. A form of payment for out of pocket expenses, if applicable.
  3. A list of all medications you are currently taking or have taken for the last 6 months.
  4. Your health insurance information
  5. Physicians/Doctors orders
  6. Any prescriptions written by your regular physician.
  7. Your lab results and medical records that your surgeon or physician has requested at La Peer (if applicable)
  8. Please make arrangements with a family member or a friend to drive you home after your discharge from La Peer, otherwise your procedure may be cancelled. 
  9. If you have any changes in your health prior to surgery such as chest pains, cold, flu, persistent cough or rash, please inform your surgeon as soon as possible.


Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to your procedure. This includes items like chewing gum, water, herbs and minerals unless otherwise specifically requested by your surgeon. If you do not adhere to this guideline your procedure may be delayed or re-scheduled for another time.

We recommended that you take all your routine medications with small sips of water EXCEPT for:

  • Aspirin or aspirin-like medications
  • Diet Pills
  • MAO Inhibitors
  • All Herbal Medications (including herbs and minerals like St. John’s Wort, Herbal Phen-Fen’s, etc.) 
  • Check with your Physician and Anesthesiologist regarding the use of these herbs, minerals, and medications. You may be instructed to discontinue their use 1 week to 10 days prior to your surgery at La Peer.


What to Do the Day of Your Surgery at La Peer


  • Do not eat or drink the morning of your surgery unless specific instructions have been provided by your surgeon.
  • Take a shower or bath at home. Do not apply lotions, creams, colognes or perfumes.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily change into and out of. Also wear clothes that will not bind to the site of where the surgical procedure will be taking place.
  • Please leave jewelry and valuables at home. 
  • Please remove contact lenses prior to surgery.
  • You may wear dentures if you require them, but we may take them out in the operating room and return them to you before you leave the recovery room.
  • Plan to be at La Peer surgery center at least 1 hour before your scheduled surgery time to sign your consent form and to complete any necessary paperwork. Patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian to sign required consent forms.
  • To provide you with the best care, the nursing staff at La Peer will ask you questions regarding your medical history and medications you are currently taking. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  • Your anesthesiologist will consult with you to discuss your anesthesia, tell you exactly what will happen before, during and after your surgery, and answer any questions.


What to Do After Your Surgery at La Peer


After your surgery, you will stay in the recovery room for at least an hour. Our anesthesiologist will monitor your condition after your procedure.

Our staff will answer any questions and guide you in your post-operative instructions as ordered by your physicians. You will receive a copy of these instructions.

After your procedure you may feel sleepy or dizzy even after spending time in our recovery room. Do not attempt to drive yourself home or take a taxi. You must have a responsible adult, such as a family member or a friend, drive you home.


  • Even though you may feel fine after your procedure, please plan to have someone stay with you throughout the night. Do not make any important decisions, consume alcohol or take medications that are not prescribed by your surgeon for 24 hours after your surgery.
  • Please take into consideration that the recovery process continues as you return home. You may feel minor side effects like being drowsy, sore muscles, and a sore throat or the occasional headache. You may also experience nausea but vomiting is less common. You will likely begin to feel better each hour after your surgery, but it can take several days for all side effects to subside and go away completely.
  • Please plan to take it easy the first few days after your surgery. This time will vary depending on the procedure being done and your surgeon will guide you in this recovery process. Most patients do not feel up to tackling their normal activities right away usually due to being tired or having discomfort from the surgery itself.
  • Please make sure to call your surgeon if you have any questions about what you can or cannot do when you return home or return to your normal day-to-day activities.


Special Suggestions for Children at La Peer Surgery Center


  • If your child is having surgery, the staff at La Peer will discuss the special meal instructions with you before your child’s procedure.
  • Please bring an extra set of clothes and/or a diaper bag with essentials for changing your child if needed. It is also nice to bring your child’s favorite toy, blanket or bottle to make them feel more at home and comfortable.


  • Please be prepared to stay with your small child at La Peer until your child is discharged from the recovery room. When the surgery or procedure is completed you will be allowed to accompany your child in the recovery room.
  • Please make arrangements for another adult other than yourself to drive your child home, this way you can focus your attention on your child on the way home and give them any special attention they might need.

Sports Injury Treatment Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Welcome to the Lapeer Health Sports Medicine Department. Any sport is great for the body, whether it be the stamina we gain from long distance running, or the exhilaration we feel from being in the boxing ring. However, no two bodies are the same and the physical demands that sport can put on us can have a number of negative effects. This is where our specialist program from the Sports Medicine Department comes in, and where our team of qualified physicians can help you to overcome sports injuries, or conditions that are affecting your performance.
We see a wide range of patients walk through the doors of our Sports Medicine Department, from those who have just started jogging to improve their health to professional soccer players who ran before they walked. For that reason, we encourage you not to be shy of visiting the sports department if you don’t consider yourself a sportsman or woman. If you have been injured whilst playing sports, or your ability to perform in your chosen area is affected, then this is the right department for you, regardless of physical or technical ability.

Because sports injuries are often temporary, but have a high chance of returning at a later date due to the patient’s lifestyle, it’s important that your physician is able to weigh up the pros and cons of giving drugs as a treatment, as opposed to ongoing therapy, physical aids (e.g. splints) or a change in sports technique. Our sports medicine physicians are fully trained in sports pharmacology, so that they can mix their knowledge of the correct medicines with the physiological aspects of the area.

Lapeer Surgery Center – Department of Sports Medicine
8920 Wilshire Blvd #101 Beverly Hills,
CA 90211
Tel – (855) 360-9119
Email: [email protected]

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La Peer Surgery Center Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to anticipate and answer some common questions we receive from patients at our ambulatory surgery center.

How long will my same day surgery take?

Depending on the procedure and yourself there is no definite answer to this question. We will be able to give you a better idea after a consultation with one of our surgeons. For many procedures you can expect to be in the recovery center for 1 hour following your surgery. Please check with your surgeon about the specifics of your surgery.
Will I be able to see my surgeon before my surgery at La Peer.
Of course, your surgeon will see you at the bedside before you are taken into the operating room, along with other preliminary meetings.

Can my family in the waiting room know what’s happening with me during my surgery?
If there is time before your surgery, one family member at a time can stay with you in pre-op room until we take you into the operating room. They can stay in the waiting room during your outpatient surgery. Our receptionist will also keep them informed of the progress of your surgery. After your surgery, your doctor will inform them about your outcome. When you are ready for discharge, one family member at a time can re-join you in the recovery area. Together, you will receive the nurse’s verbal and written discharge instructions.

Will I be able to speak to the anesthesiologist before my surgery?
Yes, our anesthesiologist will go over the anesthesia procedure with you the day of your surgery. Together you will speak about any health issues or any prior experiences that may impact you procedure.

Why can’t I eat or drink 8 hours prior to my surgery?
During surgery you must have an empty stomach. This is very important. Liquids or food in your stomach can put you at risk for aspiration, which can result in serious problems or possibly even become fatal. If you have mistakenly consumed foods or liquids 8 hours prior to your procedure, be sure to inform your anesthesiologist before surgery.

What medications or vitamins should I take the morning of my outpatient surgery?
Our surgeons and nurses will guide you on this before your surgery. We will discuss what specific medicines, herbs, and minerals you may be taking. We will then guide you on which ones need to be cut out of your diet for a period of time if need be. Be sure to take the least amount of water with any medications you are currently taking.

Why should I remove jewelry?
Metal on the skin may cause conduction when cauterization is used and may cause irritation to your skin. Removal of jewelry is very important for your safety while in the Operating Room.

What discharge instructions will I receive?
Our discharge instructions are different for each patient and each procedure. Your discharge instructions will be shared with you in the final steps of your recovery in the recovery room.

Why can’t I drive myself home after discharge?
The anesthesia and pain medicine you will receive will impair your ability to drive and make important decisions for about 24 hours. You will need a responsible adult to bring you to the La Peer ambulatory surgery center, receive your post operative instructions and then drive you back home or to the hotel you will be staying at.

Will I be able to recover by myself at home?
We highly recommend that you have a responsible adult supervise you for 24 hours after your procedure. This person must be able to aid you with your discharge instructions. The staff from La Peer will call you the next day for a follow-up. If you have any complications or side effects please contact your doctor immediately or call 911.

Insurance and Billing

We realize health care bills can be confusing. And you will likely have questions about what your insurance will cover and what will be your responsibility. For any questions about co-pays and deductibles and out of pocket expenses please feel free to call our billing department, who will be able to answer any of your questions prior to your surgery regarding any financial obligations you may have.  Also we would like to inform you of the different services which will be involved in providing your care during your surgery. These providers will be billing your insurance for their respective services.  Should you have any billing related questions before or after your outpatient procedure, please feel free to contact them directly through their contacts listed below:

Who are the important contact people for the various bills I will receive after my procedure:

La Peer Surgery Center-Facility Bill
(310) 272-7780

Anesthesia: General Anesthesia Specialist Partners (GASP)
Contact: Gina Tice (213) 637-3700

Pathology (if biopsies will be taken during your procedure or tissue will be sent out for analysis)

Cedars Laboratory & Pathology
(866) 201-8509

Sterling Pathology
(800) 899-8480

GI Pathology
(888) 244-7284

UCLA Pathology
(310) 301-8640

OC Pathology
(818) 718-9505

Path MD
(424) 245-7284

Please note that La Peer Surgery Center does not perform billing services for Anesthesia or Pathology.  They may bill your insurance and/or you separately.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The following are some of our patients most frequently asked questions

What will I be expected to pay?
Patients are responsible for payments for their procedure. If you have insurance, we require that you pay your estimated deductible and co-payments prior to your surgery. We accept cash, personal checks (co-pay ONLY), VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. We will bill your insurance carrier on your behalf.

Are payment arrangements available?
Yes, we offer a service that can help you secure credit to meet your obligation for co-payments.

What will my insurance cover?
Every insurance plan is different, so please contact our billing department at (855) 360-9119 and ask to speak with our insurance verifiers. They will be able to answer all of your questions as they will call your insurance carrier to verify your eligibility and to get authorization for your procedure.  Find out if your insurance is one of the hundreds with which we have worked!

What if I don’t have insurance?
We offer a cash discount for surgery patients with no insurance. Payment is required at time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advanced.

Will my doctor’s fees be part of the surgery center bill?
No, the surgery center bill is only the facility fee. You will be billed separately by your doctor and anesthesiologist and for any laboratory fees.