Nasal Surgery

awards-and-recognitions-la-peer-healthOur noses allow us to breathe and smell in addition to the immensely integral role they play every day of our lives. When breathing becomes difficult due to chronic sinus problems and other nasal related problems, our quality of life is immediately jeopardized. Not only do symptoms of nasal obstruction and sinus problems cause physical ailments like headaches, tiredness, and inadequate breathing, but they also take a mental toll.

As a result, nasal surgery might be required. At La Peer Health Systems, our amazing Ear, Nose & Throat doctors understand that the key to treating our patients is understanding which type of surgery best suits their needs and can provide them with the best possibility of an improved quality of life.

Septoplasty Surgery

Septoplasty surgery aims to correct and straighten a deviated nasal septum. A deviated septum could cause a person a number of issues, including:

  • Poor breathing ability
  • Nasal obstruction

During the procedure, a portion of the bone or cartilage in the nasal cavity is realigned to produce an even nasal septum. A septoplasty can also be performed in conjunction with a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

If a patient undergoes only a septoplasty, the recovery time is often much quicker than that of a rhinoplasty procedure.

Turbinate Surgery

Turbinate procedures involve the removal of the turbinate tissue in the nose. This particular type of surgery is often used to treat nasal obstruction and can lead to increased airflow and better breathing ability.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in office and under local anesthesia. The surgery aims to provide relief to patients with chronic sinus problems that haven’t responded to other treatments, including medication and nasal sprays. A balloon sinuplasty works by your doctor enlarging the inflamed sinus opening. Much like the method for blowing up a balloon, the patient’s sinuses are wedged open with the help of a small pump.

Undergoing a balloon sinuplasty has the ability to improve sinus conditions, not to mention it is extremely safe. It’s very popular as more than 150,000 patients worldwide have undergone the procedure.

Almost immediately following this type of nasal procedure, patients report feeling much better in regards to the sinus issues that previously plagued them. This procedure can be done in the doctor’s office, or at La Peer Health Systems.

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