Dr. Tabib - I don’t normally send email messages after a medical office visit/ procedure, but I wanted to acknowledge my experience at La Peer Surgery Center today. I believe I interacted with at least 6 or 7 people – receptionist, ‘concierge.’ And 3-4 nurses prior to the experience. Each of them, beyond being first class professionals were attentive, present and efficient over and above ‘expectations.’ I have experienced the same level of professionalism in your office. Candidly, I’m not looking forward to another colonoscopy or any other procedure for that matter, but, even though you are out of network, I will return to your practice when I do. Thank you.

Fantastic facility with wonderful customer service - I felt I was in the best place for my procedure. Once waiting for the procedure, all the nurses really worried about how I was and if I was comfortable. My doctor was running a little late so the nurses called my husband to tell him to arrive a little later - Thank you La Peer! - Sandra M.

The anesthesiologist introduced himself before the procedure and explained how it would work. He was very pleasant and helped to calm my nerves. - Fletcher

Everyone working that day was excellent. Knowledgeable and so friendly. - Trinder

I don’t know the anesthesiologist, but he was great. he made me feel very comfortable. His smile, his kindness, and his humor made me rest easy about my procedure. - Frobisher

I went in for surgery on both eyes roughly 6 months ago (sclarel buckles). The staff was phenomenonaly attentive and thoughtful throughout the entire process. Putting my vision in someone's hands was a tough choice to make, but knowing that it was placed with the knowledgeable and experienced Dr. Parks put me at ease. The surgeries were spread out in a week span and were quick and not as painful as I had psyched myself out to feel. I would definitely recommend this place if you need to have retina surgery. - Rafael G.

All the nurses and anesthesiologist were extremely friendly and competent. Everyone was friendly and top notch. - Ward

Very pleased with overall care and treatment! - Robin

Every person I encountered at La Peer was so helpful and kind, from the front desk to the pre-op, surgical, and post-op nurses. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience. - Kelly

It was still dark outside when I arrived at 5:45 AM for my surgery. I was tired and sleepy. The front desk was so cheerful and friendly it woke me up the same way sunshine would. - Joshua

I was a patient, yesterday, at the medical facility. I have a number of doctors and nurses in my family, so I have a good idea of how a treatment/surgical center should work. I would like to list the main concerns I have when going to a new facility and then grade LaPeer accordingly. They are the following:

1. Reception - I was greeted by sincere friendliness and professional relationship to my circumstances. I felt immediately comfortable and cared about. There is an innate understanding necessary by healthcare professionals regarding the sensitivity of a surgical procedure and how challenging it is for the average individual. I felt that relationship begin in the reception area. One specific note for us as patients, be prepared for a large stack of forms to be filled out. They will be clearly highlighted as to where you must fill in the information. I would suggest that the center inform the patient prior to coming, that this will be necessary. We, the patient, don't want any surprises the day of surgery.

2. Pre-Op - My main concern here is that I am treated with dignity and respect. We all know about the gowns, getting ready, and a feeling of privacy. The first nurse provided me with very accurate and detailed instructions. Her demeanor was professional and pleasant. She was busy, but not so much so that I felt in any way rushed or ignored. She made me comfortable and was genuinely concerned with my well being. I have never been a fan of needles, and especially the ones for surgical procedures. She was skilled in this and took the time necessary to make it painless.

3.Operation - The attending nurses, anesthesiologist, and surgeon were an excellent team. There was a sense of ease and calm in the Operating Room and they are good at reading the patients state of mind prior to the procedure.

4. Post-Op - Again, the attention given was caring and sincere. They attend to your needs, want you to feel better, and maintain a sensitive relationship to your state of comfort or discomfort.

Overall, I can only imagine that they have listened to the complaints that have been registered by other because I honestly didn't find any of the circumstances that I read here. Regarding the insurance problems that others have encountered, I can't speak to that, as I have yet to receive any final billing. I will update this review when I do because that is a major concern we all share in the current state of insurance circumstances. I will say, that prior to me showing up for surgery, I was called twice by the center; once to go over what I needed to do before the day of surgery and again to tell me what my initial payment was to be when I arrived. The payment I was told was what I was asked for when I came in for my procedure. - Geof P.

I so appreciate the anesthesiologist giving me a call to work out things prior to surgery, he was so pleasant and I especially am grateful that he gave me enough anti nausea medication. I literally had no nausea at all. In the past I have had problems with other surgeries. I appreciate his attention and conscientious desire to help his patients with this. - Sawyer

The anesthesiologist was wonderful. Most are very nice especially since they are the one's putting you to sleep but not all are. The doctor that was mine was great. His smile and happy demeanor are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise assembly line type of place when it comes to outpatient procedures in general. - Cooper

I can’t say enough good about the recovery nurse I had Jennifer. She was the sweetest, Kindest and most helpful nurse I have ever had during the recovery part of any surgery. She did everything she could to help me feel comfortable, she listened attentively, and she had such a genuine compassion that was so wonderful. She really took delight in serving. I also appreciated the tips she gave me that she learned through her own sinus surgery. They were very helpful. - Crippen

Melisa was great! She asked about how much pain I was in and requested a pain killer for me from the doctor. She took her time dressing me and keeping me in a comfortable position. She understands that I was in a very vulnerable and emotional state and kept me relaxed and assured. - Russel

Absolutely outstanding nursing staff. - Gardner

I will never forget the warm and friendly atitude and smile of your receptionist. - Brown

Jennifer and Phoung were outstanding. They really made the surgery very comfortable and easy. - Angus

They were so helpful that they allowed my husband to take my son back in the patient area to change him since we had to leave at 5am from our house to get to your office and he was still in his pajamas. That was very generous and not everyone would do that. - Logan

Everyone was very nice and professional and I was impressed by the cleanliness and state of the art equipment in use. - Matthew

Staff was very courteous and attentive. Made a freaked out patient feel as comfortable as possible. - Bruno

Cannot be grateful enough for all the solicitude by all personnel. But must get on my knees for praise to the highest for Dr. Michel. - Alexander

Nurse was very informative and easy to talk to. She answered my questions and helped ease my nervousness. - April

Everything from beginning to end was great! It went better than I had expected. - Frederica

Best of the outpatients facilities in BH.! - Dominique

It was seamless, professional, punctual, relatively painless - if I ever have to have outpatient surgery again, La Peer would be my facility of choice. - Courtney

Such great follow up, so caring and friendly. - Craig

Phuong was amazing. - Brandon

The staff was exceptional. Everyone was nice, friendly, professional and always had time for a question or a concern. - Tyler

I have a history of painful IV set ups (usually resulting in my pressure falling and me fainting). I mentioned this to my anesthesiologist and he made certain that I felt nothing. He was done in no time and all I felt was a slight pinch. I don't even recall receiving the pain blocker - which was very effective. Kudos to him. - Lou

Dr. Tom was very professional and it all went beautifully! - Vincent

Loved the anesthesiologist. She was terrific. - Sean

My nurses were awesome. I have little veins and I have always had to be stuck multiple times to start an IV so I always warn people before hand and let them know that I understand and for them not to feel bad because it happens so often. However, the nurse assisting me at La Peer got it the first shot. - Bretta

She was SUPERB! I am a VERY hard stick, and she found my vein the FIRST time and I NEVER even felt the prick of the needle. Usually people fumble around and stick me at least three times. She hit the jackpot immediately. She was confident, professional and extremely kind and friendly. LOVED HER! Barbara was absolutely AMAZING. She was funny and I was extremely comfortable with her. Her easy banter put me at ease immediately. Everyone should be as fortunate and blessed as I was to get a Barbara. Please COMMEND HER! - Kelly

My post-operative nurse was fantastic. Cheerful, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and cared for. - Leslie

My nurse was great! Actually the whole staff was wonderful! - Victoria

Sharon was so cheerful and made me feel cheerful, too. - Wilhelmina

My mom was extremely comfortable and informed during the entire process. Exceptional! - Kit

2nd time at your facility and just keep doing what you do. Your staff is 1st class I feel I can trust my life to!!!! - Valerie

So COURTEOUS! Amazing staff!! - Leigh

I have no suggestions...I loved everything about La Peer. Everyone took good care of me and I felt like I was in good hands. I think my Patient Care nurse's name is Phuong. I loved her! She was great. My nurse and anesthesiologist for the procedures were also the best. And, of course, Dr. Nowain is quite an amazing doctor...I haven't had a doctor like him before...he's so professional and knowledgeable, but with a great bedside manner, too. All of these people made me feel so much more relaxed and comfortable before my procedures. - Carmy

I would not hesitate to recommend the La Peer surgicenter to family and friends. - Hency

La Peer Surgery Center is staffed by a very caring, courteous and professional staff. - Jerry

You don't need any improvements. Everything was and is perfect. Thank you. - Eddy

Dr. Ozoa played the biggest part in why La Peer met my expectations. He is knowledgeable, courteous, good at explaining what he does. His follow up and care is second to none. He is a great addition to your physician directory. - David

During all the time of procedure I've slept as a newborn and don't had any sensation of pain - anesthesia care was perfect!!! - Louise

Wonderful! I would definitely come here again. I had a procedure at UCLA recently and wished I was at LaPeer. - Barney

I am in health care and work with a lot of medical patients. I would absolutely recommend La Peer surgical center. - Christopher

Everyone is friendly, professional and good at their job. It's a very clean and modern facility all making an unpleasant procedure an ok experience. - Ed

Your bar has been set. You could not surpass it. La Peer has no peers... - Marie

Far exceeded my expectations; I'm very grateful. - John

Perfect! Absolutely perfect. - Tristan

Everyone was friendly, informative, and made me feel at ease! - Albert

Phenomenal professional, just loved his attention and friendliness - Carolyn

I really liked the bedside manners of my prep and exit nurses, my anaesthesiologist, the surgical nurses, and especially Dr Treyzon. additionally, I really appreciated my follow up calls from the nurse, and later from Dr Treyzon (on a Sat!) w my results. - Alex

I felt myself to be in good professional hands, and my optimal recovery confirms that perception. - Oliver

Jennifer was awesome! She has a fantastic bedside manner and was easy and comfortable to talk to. Outstanding work! - Graves

The nursing staff was wonderful. - Dean

I noticed that everyone was alert, friendly, and concerned about my welfare. - Kim

All of you are the GREAT TEAM and just keep doing you way! My personal THANK to Dr. Mark Davidson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Jennifer

The front desk crew was warm and friendly and made me feel at ease, especially since I was a little nervous about my procedure. - Hale

Everyone there was nice. Not one person was not welcoming. Everyone made me feel comfortable. - Fab

The nursing staff was very nice and very helpful. - Michel

I was given the best of care. Thank you! - Jacob

My expectations are HIGH, and were met! - Madelyn

Exceptionally friendly, helpful, funny and welcoming.made me feel completely at ease. - Alex

Very friendly and helpful! - Fred

Dr. Anderson was wonderful. I would request her whenever I am in your surgery center. - Freddy

Dr. Chin was awesome and very compassionate. - Marie

My rock star Doc is Dr Michel!!!! - Michael

Everything was great. - Terry

It was a very positive experience! Thank you! - Lea

Absolutely wonderful experience I have requested that my surgeries are now performed there instead of at Cedar Sinai staff was extremely friendly and kind and very helpful put my mind at ease. - Kimmy

I would recommend both my doctor and the facility to anyone. - Boyd

Everyone at this surgical center was in great spirits – keep up the positive outlook! As a patient it made me feel better just being around all of them! - Bryant

The anesthesiologist made me feel incredibly comfortable! He told me what to expect and was very kind to me while I was on the table about to go under. - Fox

My post-op nurse, Jessica, was wonderful! She was constantly checking on me and helping to make me as comfortable as possible. - Payne

I was impressed with the quality of care and attentiveness I received at every level. Compared to Cedars, for example, this was better organized and far more convenient. - Kent

I am very very impressed by the overall experience. Most definitely exceeded my expectations. - Aike

Great facility. The patient outfits were of high quality and the linens separating the patients were nice too. My wife told me this since she works in fashion. - Tommy

La Peer is truly a great facility and it is great because of the people who work there. - Blake

All the staff were wonderful! Thank you so much! - Tess

I couldn't have asked for anything more. - Manny

Everyone was great! - Lily

Carrie was my nurse who was by my side and took care of my every need. She called me at home the first evening and mailed me a thank you card. very nice - Tess

Carrie was my nurse who was by my side and took care of my every need. She called me at home the first evening and mailed me a thank you card. very nice - Terry

My entire experience was much better than any I’ve had before. The staff was great and while I don’t necessarily look forward to my next procedure, I do look forward to the experience at La Peer. - Powell

"...I am very critical; however,this time I couldn't wait to say how pleasant, warm yet professional everyone was from the beginning reception desk to the end escort out of the building. I don't want to wait another five years to experience that kind of pleasant respect!!! - Helen

All of the staff was warm, pleasant, friendly, and extremely accommodating. - Samuel

I hope to get my next 2 surgeries at La Peer. Ten out of ten rating! - Dona

Great experience from check in, to prep, to post. - Jacob

Top-notch. Could not have been better! - Jessa

I was very pleased with every step and every person I spoke with from the front desk staff to the nurse who walked me outside and waited for my ride to arrive. I had a few questions and concerns that the nurse and anesthesiologist were more than happy to address. Being put under makes me nervous but everyone there gave me reassurance all would be fine ---- and it was! - Zenny

I had a great experience at the La Peer Surgicenter. The center is very new, nice and clean. Everyone was very kind, professional and accomodating. I was informed of the billing prior to the procedure. The billing was exactly as expected. I really can not think of a way for them to improve the quality of the "patient experience." I will ask to go there again should I need additional procedures. - Leah S.

Surgery is never fun, but this place was a lot better than any experience I have had in the past. I got my tonsils removed here earlier this year with Dr Larian (who I also love). The nurses were very nice, the facilities themselves are gorgeous (like a hotel!), my anesthesiologist was so nice he even called me the next day to check on me. I think his name was Dr. Johnson.

One of my good friends had to get ACL surgery last month and I referred him to La Peer. He saw Dr Millstein, and also had a great experience! I guess ACL is a bigger surgery so they kept him for longer. He even had a private room with a TV and everything.

If you need surgery, this is the place to do it. So much more private and better overall than a big hospital (not to mention safer as you aren't exposed to all of those hospital germs - ewww!).

If you want to see more about my surgery I made a video diary, you can check it out on youtube or here:
Adult Tonsillectomy Surgery Video Diary | Expert ENT | Dr. Larian - Risa G

I had several procedures at La Peer. Each time my expectations from the previous experiences have been even better. From the admission to discharge La Peer is one of the best providers I have used. - Davis

"My nurse was not only knowledgeable and professional but personable and very caring." - Stone

My husband and I both had our colonoscopys here and had a very good experience. The staff was very friendly, and greeted us with smiles and a positive energy. My OR staff and anesthesiologist were wonderful. They made us feel safe and comfortable. We woke up easily with no nausea or vomiting, and was offered water and oreos. I'd recommend this facility for these types of procedures. - Jodie T.

I would like to thank all the front desk staff and especially Kristy for much more than usual, but - hearty welcome and professional job - Williams

Phenomenal staff! - Miller

If my nurse Jessica's attitude might be evaluated by scale from 0 to 10, I'm completely sure that she deserve as minimum 12!!! - Johnson

The nurses were extremely nice and kept me comfortable at all times - Smith

...Dr. Carl Johnson was the anesthesiologist and I really found him compassionate and excellent at timing and managing my anesthesia. The nerve block was strong enough too to last until I was ready to handle the surgical pain. - Harris

The nurses were, friendly, compassionate & helpful. Loved them! - Mikhail