Lumbar Epidural

orthopedics-la-peer-surgeryMany people experience pain in the lumbar region, or the area of the back located between the diaphragm and pelvis. Because the lumbar portion of the spine supports much of the body’s weight, this region is especially vulnerable to injury and pain. If you’re living with persistent pain in your lumbar area and legs, consider contacting La Peer Health Systems’ Pain Management specialists for a consultation. Our experienced team of physicians may be able to help you find relief with a procedure known as Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection.


Lumbar pain can result from injuries or strains to the lower back muscles, nerve irritation, arthritis and various bone and joint conditions among other causes. Because the lumbar region supports much of the upper body weight, injury to this area can be incredibly debilitating. If you’re experiencing chronic lower back and leg pain, epidural steroid injection may provide relief.


The physicians in La Peer’s Pain Management department may be able to relieve your lumbar pain and inflammation with epidural steroid injections.

Before the procedure, your doctor will likely order imaging tests such as an MRI or CT to diagnose the precise area where nerves are being squeezed. During the procedure, the physician may utilize a fluoroscope for real-time X-ray imaging. While the patient lies face-down on the table, the doctor administers a local anesthetic to numb the skin before the injection. The doctor then uses the fluoroscope to guide the insertion of a hollow needle into the epidural space. Doing this ensures that the steroidal medication reaches the inflamed nerve.

After the procedure, you will spend a brief amount of time in recovery before being allowed to leave the facility. In most cases, epidural steroid injection treatments last anywhere from one week to one year.


Q: How long before I experience the full effects of the injection?

A: You should experience some pain relief immediately after the injection. In certain cases, multiple injections may be required in two-week intervals. Your pain management physician may also prescribe physical therapy to help treat your lumbar injury.

Q: What are the risks associated with this treatment?

A: Though epidural steroid injections are very safe, patients should be aware of the following unlikely risks: spinal headache from a dural puncture, bleeding, infection, allergic reaction due to medication. The use of corticosteroids can also cause side effects such as weight gain and hot flashes.

Q: Is every patient a candidate for epidural steroid injection?

A: Patients with immune system disorders and diabetes may have a higher risk of developing complications after the procedure. Before undergoing epidural steroid injection or any other procedure, be sure to discuss your medical condition with your physician.

Q: How can injections help me heal from an injury?

A: Epidural steroid injections may relieve your pain enough to perform stretching and other physical therapy programs.

Q: How many ESIs can I have in a 12-month period?

A: Most pain management specialists recommend no more than three ESIs in a period of one year.


If you’re living with lumbar or leg pain, relief may be possible. Don’t hesitate to contact La Peer online or by calling 855.360.9119 to speak to our experienced pain management physicians about epidural steroid injection.

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