Stem Cell for Arthritis

patient-care-la-peer-healthArthritis is an inflammation of the joints and one of the most common health conditions diagnosed in older adults. A form of arthritis, and the most frequently diagnosed, is osteoarthritis (OA) which is a breakdown of joint cartilage. OA develops most often in the weight-bearing joints, including the hips, knees, and spine. Primarily OA is an age-related condition, but a previous joint injury or repetitive joint stress could lead to early-onset OA for younger adults.

Until recent medical advances with stem cell therapy, joint repairs or replacements have been the only treatment options for OA patients. The introduction of stem cell injections presents groundbreaking and life-changing options as a solution to decrease pain and improve mobility.

Only the most innovative and enterprising doctors, including the board-certified La Peer physicians, are experts in the new treatment and offer it as a solution for arthritis.

Permanent Solution to Cartilage Loss

Joint replacement surgery is very helpful for many patients, restoring mobility and optimizing function, but the challenge with artificial joints is its finite lifespan. The mechanical parts can wear out with use over time requiring revision surgery to replace broken components. As a natural alternative, Stem cell therapy can allow patients to experience pain relief and improved function while avoiding surgery and retaining their own natural joint.

Stem Cell Treatment Explained

Stem cell injections are applied directly to the injured area. First, patients are given a local anesthetic to ensure the procedure is pain free with minimal to no discomfort. Stem cells can be taken from several places, including bone marrow or fat cells, and then combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP).

The collected material is placed inside a centrifuge, a special device which spins at a high rate of speed separating platelets and stem cells from other tissue. The concentrated stem cell fraction that results is injected into the injured area.

It takes most patients approximately two to three months for the repair process to complete, but many people notice improvement within this time frame. Over the following two to three months, additional PRP injections may be given to provide “fuel” to the activated stem cells allowing them to continue their regenerative activity.


Q.  How do I know if I qualify for stem cell therapy?

A. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy is a consultation with a La Peer specialist for a physical examination. You must have some joint cartilage for the treatment to be recommended.

Q. Do most doctors offer stem cell therapy?

A. Stem cell treatment requires special medical technology which is only available at selected medical facilities like La Peer Health Centers.

Contact the Osteoarthritis Specialists

Our physicians provide medically advanced and sophisticated treatments for degenerative arthritis conditions. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis or have questions about degenerative joint disease, schedule a consultation with one of our expert physicians. Contact La Peer at 888.225.0763 or our Osteoarthritis Department at 855-360-9119.

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