Located in Beverly Hills, La Peer Health Systems provides medical and surgical care spanning 12 specialties including Orthopedics, Gastroenterology and Colorectal Surgery, Ear Nose and Throat, Reconstructive Plastic surgery, Podiatry, Urology and Gynecology. Our newly renovated Beverly Hills outpatient surgical facility boasts over forty surgeons with exemplary medical credentials and a top-notch nursing and support staff working together to take patients from consultation and diagnosis through surgery and aftercare.

Because La Peer is an ambulatory surgery center and not a hospital, we can provide our patients with personalized care in a safe, controlled environment. Our unique structure contributes to our high success rates and excellent patient outcomes. This has created a reputation of La Peer, amongst physicians, as one of the best hospitals in Los Angeles for world-class outpatient surgical care.

Learn how La Peer compares to traditional hospitals in terms of safety and patient experience.


  • Because La Peer is an elective, outpatient surgery center, you are far less likely to encounter patients who are ill or have major infections.
  • Your surgeon works with the same nurses and assistants every day, a fact that reduces both length of surgery and time under anesthesia.
  • Our team of over 40 physicians from different specialties is available to consult on your case and determine the best course of treatment to get you feeling better.
  • You will recover from surgery in one of our beautiful, private recovery rooms.
  • We accept many of the same insurance plans as a traditional hospital and offer cash discounts for patients without insurance.
  • Because we do not have an emergency room and only perform outpatient surgery, you will not likely encounter long delays while waiting for surgery.


  • 98 percent of patients said they were likely to recommend La Peer to friends.
  • 98 percent of patients described their nurses as friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
  • La Peer is a green-friendly facility offering efficient lighting, EnergyStar-rated equipment and custom, locally made furniture.
  • Patient friendly billing with multiple affordable payment plans and many interest free options for cash patients.

Need another reason to schedule your procedure with La Peer? Check out these glowing testimonials from our many satisfied patients.


La Peer Health Systems employs the most comprehensive, adept and well-trained physicians spanning 12 specialties. To schedule a consultation with one of our top surgeons, call (855) 360-9119 or contact us online. We look forward to meeting you at our beautiful Beverly Hills surgery center.

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