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Sleeve Gastrectomy Los AngelesOvercoming problems related to weight and an unhealthy lifestyle can be very difficult to manage alone, which is why our Los Angeles bariatric surgeons offer several different procedures that can benefit an array of patients immensely. When a person is serious about losing weight, often times a great procedure to consider is known as the sleeve gastrectomy procedure.

La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles is home to the best bariatric surgeons in the world whose sole purpose is to help better their patient’s outcomes through minimally invasive weight loss surgery.

What Is the Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve surgery, this form of bariatric surgery offers patients a more permanent solution to adjustable weight loss band surgery, as the actual size of a patient’s stomach is physically reduced by around 50-75% therefore limiting their food intake. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure offers patients many of the same benefits of other surgical weight loss solutions without the plethora of known side effects and complications, making the procedure extremely safe when performed by an expert bariatric surgeon.

During this type of procedure, a small, vertical sleeve shape in the stomach is created by using a stapling device, and the remainder of the stomach is removed. This results in the patient feeling fuller faster, limiting their amount of food intake. The removed portion of the stomach contains the hunger hormone ghrelin. The surgery therefore does result in significant loss of appetite.

Candidates for Sleeve Procedure

Though the sleeve gastrectomy was initially introduced solely as a staging surgery for extremely obese patients, the treatment is now available to a wider variation of individuals struggling with their weight because of the profound success of the surgery.

Good candidates for the sleeve procedure include any with the following:

  • Body mass index over 35 (some patients with BMI lower than that can be considered under certain circumstances)
  • Presence of medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pains, among other obesity related problems
  • Inability to lose weight or maintain weight loss

Minimally Invasive Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

At La Peer Health Systems, our bariatric surgeons perform the sleeve gastrectomy with the help of a laparoscopic camera.

Unlike the lap band procedure, a sleeve gastrectomy is permanent and does not require the need for additional adjustments, therefore eliminating complications including band slippage, foreign body erosion, and does not require the need to continuously undergo needle-induced checkups. This type of procedure does not involve any rerouting or reconnecting of the intestines as would normally be required as part of the gastric bypass or duodenal switch.

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Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is geared toward helping people who suffer from extreme obesity lose weight safely. Making the decision to undergo the sleeve procedure comes with many enjoyable benefits that can be noticed almost immediately. Aside from the obvious weight loss, benefits of opting to undergo the permanent gastric sleeve procedure include:

  • Adjustment free – no need for continued tightening
  • Immediate Results – most patients begin losing weight in the first week
  • Surgery is performed laparoscopically
  • No intestinal bypass
  • Reduces Hunger Sensations (Feeling of fullness)
  • Eliminates medical problems independent of weight loss very quickly
  • Faster recovery and smaller scars
  • Stomach portion that produces hunger stimulating hormone (Gherlin) is removed

Unlike the adjustable band procedure, undergoing gastric sleeve surgery does not involve implanting a medical device in the body, which eliminates the potential for device related complications down the road. The stomach in particular is known for rejecting foreign substances, which makes reparative surgery a must and increases the risk of the procedure. With the sleeve procedure, this risk is eliminated.

Sleeve Gastrectomy FAQ

When you’re considering bariatric surgery to help overcome problems relating to your weight, it’s very important to have an excellent understanding of your procedure and how it can benefit yourself. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that our bariatric surgeons hear often, including but not limited to;

Q: How does the gastric sleeve work?

A: The gastric sleeve works to control food intake by allowing room for small portions only. The patient can still eat whatever he or she desires, though it is best to consider a healthy diet. The surgery also helps individuals maintain a healthy diet and eliminates the hunger hormone to lessen the appetite.

Q: What are the potential complications relating to the sleeve procedure?

A: The sleeve procedure is very safe when performed by an experienced bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles. As with all surgical procedures, some risk is apparent, though because of the minimal complications associated with this surgery, it is much safer than other weight loss solutions as there are no foreign objects permanently placed in the stomach as opposed to other adjustable band procedures.

Q: What is recovery like after the sleeve procedure?

A: Typical of most surgical procedures, recovery calls for the patient to slowly increase their activity for the first several days following the procedure. Over the course of the next several weeks, bruising, swelling, and discomfort will all diminish. Most patients are back to normal as soon as two weeks, though four weeks is the general rule of thumb.

Q: Is the gastric sleeve reversible?

A: The gastric sleeve is permanent, as it requires removing a portion of the stomach to make it smaller.

Q: How fast will I lose weight after surgery?

A: This depends on each individual. If you stick to a healthy diet and maintain a normal exercise regimen, there is no reason why you cannot reach your ultimate realistic weight loss goals.

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