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Welcome to the Lapeer Health Sports Medicine Department. Any sport is great for the body, whether it be the stamina we gain from long distance running, or the exhilaration we feel from being in the boxing ring. However, no two bodies are the same and the physical demands that sport can put on us can have a number of negative effects. This is where our specialist program from the Sports Medicine Department comes in, and where our team of qualified physicians can help you to overcome sports injuries, or conditions that are affecting your performance.
We see a wide range of patients walk through the doors of our Sports Medicine Department, from those who have just started jogging to improve their health to professional soccer players who ran before they walked. For that reason, we encourage you not to be shy of visiting the sports department if you don’t consider yourself a sportsman or woman. If you have been injured whilst playing sports, or your ability to perform in your chosen area is affected, then this is the right department for you, regardless of physical or technical ability.

Because sports injuries are often temporary, but have a high chance of returning at a later date due to the patient’s lifestyle, it’s important that your physician is able to weigh up the pros and cons of giving drugs as a treatment, as opposed to ongoing therapy, physical aids (e.g. splints) or a change in sports technique. Our sports medicine physicians are fully trained in sports pharmacology, so that they can mix their knowledge of the correct medicines with the physiological aspects of the area.

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