La Peer Health Systems Digestive Disease Program

Digestive disease can be severely disruptive to normal daily life and whether a disease in its own right or symptomatic of another underlying illness, each and every digestive complaint should be investigated.
At La Peer Health Systems, a team of twelve professional gastroenterologists and surgeons are on hand to discuss, diagnose, operate on, treat and follow up your condition so that you can make the most of life. You are also likely to be seen by qualified nurses, who will provide basic health care for you and ensure that you are comfortable at all times.

There are twelve qualified Doctors in La Peer Surgery Center’s Gastroenterology department, all of whom are very familiar with the digestive system and diseases that can affect it. No matter how complex your condition may be, your case will be looked at and dealt with on an individual basis. Procedures carried out at La Peer Surgery Center range from anal fissurectomies and tag excision, to umbilical hernia repair and pouchoscopies. The range of procedures is wide, and can be found on this page: L aPeer Health Services please select ‘gastroenterology’ on the left hand side of the screen to see the list of procedures included within the program.

If you are interested in undergoing or investigating any of the procedures that are part of the La Peer Health Systems Digestive Disease Program, then we recommend you get in touch.
La Peer Surgery Center- La Peer Health Systems Digestive Disease Program

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