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The Department of General Surgery at La Peer Surgery Center deals with a very wide variety of surgical procedures on a wide range of bodily complaints. The conditions that are treated by General Surgery include those of the skin, liver, pancreas, colon, intestines, thyroid and parathyroid glands, breasts, stomach, esophagus and neck.

Conditions such as gastrointestinal tumors, lumps of both male and female breasts, problems with digestive valves and hernias will often be dealt with by the department of general surgery. In this particular department the physicians have undertaken such extensive training that they are able to specialize in a wide range of medical areas as required by general surgery. doctors

All the research and clinical trials carried out in conjunction with the Department of General Surgery is designed not only to improve patient care, but also to allow optimal use of the equipment we have and to improve the knowledge and expertise of our professional doctors, physicians and nurses. Innovation and improvement are always on the minds of staff at La Peer Surgery Center.

Most patients will be referred to the Department of General Surgery from a sub-specialty concerned with the condition you are suffering from, but if you feel you would like a consultation with one of our physicians, nurses or doctors in general surgery then please get in touch as soon as possible. We will be able to find out what the best department for your complaint might be and book you in for an appointment or immediate treatment right away. Call La Peer at (855) 360-9119

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