Doctors are people too

Going to the doctor can often times be daunting. Not only are you nervous about finding out whether or not you are healthy, but you also can be afraid that the doctor will judge you on your health, or more likely unhealthy, habits. However, you need to remember, doctors are people too!

Doctors, just like the rest of us, have their own bad habits and are not here to judge us. You should not be embarrassed when you are discussing your health habits with your doctor.

In fact, they appreciate when you tell the truth about your bad habits instead of keeping them a secret. When a doctor knows your true habits, they will be able to better diagnose you and offer the proper treatment options.

Furthermore, you should not fret over discussing “embarrassing” problems, like bodily functions, with doctors. Anything you say will not surprise the doctor. Most likely your doctor has treated several other patients with the same problem.

Remember your doctor is a regular person just like you and you should tell him the truth so you can get the most out of your visits to the doctor’s office!