Did You Know Our Doctors Perform Revision Nose Jobs?

Not every nose job procedure is successful. In fact, about 10 percent of people who have received the procedure will go back for a secondary or revision surgery. This makes revision nose jobs a very popular form of cosmetic surgery.

Nose jobs, medically referred to as rhinoplasty, are procedures that aesthetically or functionally change the nose. Most people undergo rhinoplasty to reduce a bump, reshape the tip of the nose, or reshape a broken nose.

Despite the procedures popularity, rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure. Sometimes patients are dissatisfied with how their nose looks after surgery or there could be complications such as difficulty breathing. This is where La Peer Health Systems sets itself apart from other cosmetic surgery options.

Our surgeons are specialized facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills that only perform surgery in the head and neck region. (Regular cosmetic surgeons perform surgery on different parts of the body and do not specialize in the head and neck exclusively.) Many cosmetic surgeons do not take into account how noses can vary between different ethnicities, but we do. Our surgeons have performed nose jobs on people of all races, and we pride ourselves on that ability.

Our surgeons possess knowledge of the anatomy and aesthetics of the nose and provide patients with a nose job that results in a natural look that is well-proportioned to the rest of the face. Obviously, you want your rhinoplasty done right the first time — and that is always the goal of our surgeons — yet if you are not satisfied with your original procedure, we are confident that we can perform your revision nose job with stellar results. Revision surgeries are also more complex than the original procedure, so why waste such an important procedure to anyone less than qualified?

To find out more information about a potential revision nose job, contact the Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeons at La Peer Health Systems today at (855) 360-9119.