Parotid and Salivary Gland Surgery Program

A human has six saliva glands within his cheeks; two located on the lower jaw, and one much larger one at the back the jaw, extending from the middle of the ear down the below the earlobe. This last gland is known as the ‘parotid’ and although problems with the parotid gland are rare, it can cause a number of problems for various individuals. Many of these sufferers visit La Peer Surgery Center for treatment from our team of surgical professionals each year.

Parotid surgery is generally quite straightforward, and a benign tumor or cyst of this gland can be removed easily. The parotid gland can also become infected, needing treatment to stop the spread of the bacteria to other areas of the mouth. This is why many patients come straight to La Peer surgery center, or are referred immediately by their family doctor for treatment. Cutting edge technology and the expertise of our surgical team means that patients suffer minimal pain and minimal scarring during surgical procedures. The professional knowledge of each practitioner also gives patients a kick start in diagnosing their parotid problem, and getting it treated before the problem escalates and symptoms get any worse.

Have you experienced pain or irritation in the jaw areas described above? Perhaps you can feel a lump in your cheek, along your jaw and don’t know quite what it is? We recommend you book an appointment with our parotid gland specialists today, and receive professional treatment as soon as possible.

La Peer Surgery Center- Parotid Surgery Program

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