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Podiatrist Los AngelesIf you’re unlucky enough to suffer from bunions, then you know how difficult they can make walking, exercising and performing other daily activities. Although bunions may be treated in a variety of methods, alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with bunions often requires undergoing a surgical procedure. This is where the Beverly Hills podiatrists at La Peer Health Systems can help.

Feet are responsible for getting you from place to place, and a deformity of the foot can have a profound impact on your quality of life. In Los Angeles, where the mild climate makes it possible to wear open-toe shoes year-round, the presence of bunions can be especially frustrating! Contact us today at 855.360.9119 to schedule a consultation.

Bunion Deformity

Identifying a Bunion

Bunions are bumps comprised of bone and soft tissue that occur on the inside of the foot. Typically, bunions form at the joint between the big toe and the first bone in the foot. Bunions can be caused by a number of factors, though the most common one being hereditary factors that control muscle and tendon balance and function. Wearing ill-fitting shoes that squeeze the toes can certainly accelerate bunion development. Over time, the big toe is pulled toward the second toe. Without treatment, bunions can become painful and unsightly and, if left untreated, can cause arthritis of the big toe joint.

Fortunately, our Beverly Hills podiatrists offer a variety of expert procedures for treating your bunions and getting you back to your daily routine.

Treating Bunions

Mild cases of bunions may be controlled with non-surgical treatments like medication, orthotics, and physical therapy. However, if you’re experiencing serious discomfort as a result of your bunion, you may require surgery to correct the problem. The only way to know for certain if surgery is right for you is to schedule an appointment with an experienced podiatrist. Our board-certified surgeons can meet with you to determine if you are a good candidate for outpatient bunion surgery. Most procedures will allow the patient to walk the same day of surgery with an assistive boot after surgery.

Bunion Surgery

bunion-surgery-patientIf non-surgical treatments fail to alleviate your pain, then bunion surgery might be your best option for finding lasting relief. One of the most common types of bunion surgery is a bunionectomy, which is an outpatient procedure to remove the bunion.

While you are anesthetized, a surgeon will make a small incision at the top of the large toe or on the side of the foot. The surgeon then removes the bump along with a tiny piece of the bone, allowing the joint to be realigned. Screws, pins, or plates may be used to hold the bone in its new position. The surgeon may also shorten or tighten any loose tendons and ligaments.

After surgery is complete, the doctor will close the incision with absorbable sutures and wrap the foot in a special sterile bandage.


When considering bunion surgery, it’s important to go into the experience with realistic expectations. Most patients who undergo surgery will enjoy a great deal of relief from their bunion pain. They will also notice a reduction in swelling and improvement in big toe alignment and motion.

However, patients should not expect their shoe size to decrease as a result of bunion surgery. Further, continuing to wear tight or ill-fitting shoes without the use of corrective orthotics can actually cause bunions to reappear!


After bunion surgery, a patient can expect to spend a few weeks recovering. During this time, he or she may experience swelling and discomfort, though this is usually treated effectively with over-the-counter medications. Patients may also need to use crutches or a walking boot, which accommodates the surgical bandages and helps the patient get around. Your La Peer surgeon will let you know when you may resume normal activities.

Contact an Expert Surgeon

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort associated with bunions, don’t hesitate to contact a specialist. At La Peer Health System’s Podiatry Department, we employ a highly experienced team to help with all your foot health needs and are widely regarded as one of the best foot surgery centers in the country. Our website has the most extensive before and after photo gallery than anywhere on the internet displaying our outcomes.

Please feel free to call us at 855-360-9119 or contact us online to discover the La Peer difference firsthand! You can also find out more information about bunionectomies on our Bunion Surgery Center website.


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