How To Void A Check And When You May Need One

void check meaning

You do not sign a voided check as it is unneeded and you do not want anyone to make copies of your signature in case it gets lost or stolen. Many companies and websites allow you to set up an electronic bank transfer entirely from your online banking. When I used to write checks a lot for bills and other payments, occasionally I would write the wrong amount or accidentally spell something incorrectly. While owning a checkbook and writing checks to many people might seem a bit outdated, there are still plenty who prefer this method. Another solution is to visit a branch and ask for a “counter check.” The teller might be able to print a check with your account information on it. Business firms and other organizations aren’t the only entities that may involve recurring personal payments.

void check meaning

One of the advantages is your bank or credit union may send the letter directly to the party requesting the voided check, avoiding the need to send it by email. Banks and credit unions are well instructed in methods of protecting personally identifying information and they will know the best way to send the letter safely to the intended party. For example, if your company’s payroll department needs a check from you to set up direct deposit, you can provide a voided check. Then you know that no one would be able to alter the check and spend it, because it has been voided.

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Discover what FDIC insurance is, its limits, and the types of accounts it covers. You can open a Wise account and receive money from around the world with local bank details. It means that the check can no longer be used after it has been cashed or deposited. For most void cheque information requests, you can use a form provided by CIBC that collects account information in place of a void cheque.

Remember, since you endorsed the check, anyone who gets access to the check can deposit or cash it. You can take this check to a bank teller, to an ATM machine, or use mobile check deposit if your bank offers void check meaning that functionality. You will need to let the bank know which account to deposit the funds or if you prefer cash. When you need a voided check, all you need to do is write “VOID” across the front of the check.

Are There Alternatives To Voided Checks?

In your check register, write “VOID,” along with the check number, date, and a note about why you voided the check (such as who you gave it to). If a thief gets their hands on the check, they won’t have a blank check, which they could use to spend your money—effectively stealing from your account. In a computerized accounting system, there is usually a menu option for voiding a check, since this is a sufficiently common activity to warrant having its own routine. Thus, if the payment had been for an expense, the credit would be to the related expense account; if the payment had been to acquire an asset, the credit would be to the related asset account.

Your bank’s routing number is usually written on their homepage of their website and you can find your account number when you sign-in. If you’ve completed a check but want to cancel it, simply taking it back and voiding it makes it financially empty and therefore cannot be used to deposit a payment. If you’re going to send the voided check electronically it may be a little risky to send it through a normal email sender.