Benefits of Going to a Surgery Center Rather Than a Hospital


Surgery is difficult, however, choosing the proper facility shouldn’t be.  The benefits of having your surgery done at a surgery center are far greater than that of a hospital.

A surgery center is specifically designed for one thing – surgery.  From the design of the building, to the comfort of the chairs in the waiting room, all things are considered in order to make the patient’s experience as comfortable, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

At La Peer Health Systems scheduling is more efficient. Surgeons have more time in their schedule for surgeries and don’t have to worry about their surgery being pushed because of an emergency that might take place at a hospital.  Surgeon’s are able to schedule surgeries at the time allotment of their choice, and do not have to worry about being rushed to make room for another surgery scheduled back-to-back.

Additionally, our surgeons work with their La Peer surgical team daily. They know one another well and are therefore able to perform more efficiently.

Dr. Robert Sacks, MD of LaPeer Surgery Center, reinforces the importance of having an experienced team:

“As a surgeon, I wanted to work at a place where we had the same staff, the same nurses, the same technicians, the same anesthesiologist.  So it will be one less thing that I had to think about. So when I come here, I don’t have to worry about who’s going to be in my room that day.  I can focus on one thing – the patient.”

With the focus only on the patient, surgeons are able to perform more efficiently,significantly decreasing the amount of time needed for surgery. Thisresults in less anesthesia and fewer operating expenses. Many insurance companies have noticed the decrease surgical cost and have partnered with Surgical Centers around the country.

Top surgeons have also noticed the many benefits a surgery center has to offer.  This is one more reason La Peer is more desirable than a hospital – patients have top surgeons performing their surgery.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of La Peer call us at (855) 360-9119.

Why Can’t I Eat Before Receiving Anesthesia?

Many of La Peer’s patients wonder why they can’t eat or drink anything hours before receiving anesthesia and going into surgery. The reason your doctor tells you not to eat or drink anything before surgery is to prevent aspiration.

Aspiration occurs when food or stomach acids enter the lungs while you under anesthesia, which can be fatal in some cases.

When under anesthesia your involuntary reflexes to cough or gag are inhibited.  All of your muscles are so relaxed that you do not have control over them.  If you have food or fluids in your stomach you could potentially regurgitate the contents into your airway and it will consequently enter your lungs.  This can lead to a blockage in your airway, a severe cough, or cause a lung infection.

To decrease your risk of aspiration it is important that you follow your doctor’s pre-surgery guidelines about eating and drinking.

The Department of Anesthesiology at La Peer is solely focused on your health, preparation for surgery, and a successful surgery.

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