“Lift and Fill Lower Blepharoplasty” – A new innovation in cosmetic lower lid surgery by Dr. Guy Massry, MD, Beverly Hills Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon.


The “Lift and Fill Lower Blepharoplasty” – A new innovation in cosmetic lower lid surgery now in press by Dr. Guy Massry, MD, Beverly Hills Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon.

Cosmetic lower lid surgery (lower blepharoplasty) is a constantly evolving procedure aimed at attaining the most natural, youthful and aesthetically pleasing results. To accomplish this, lower lid “bags” must be removed, excess skin excised, and hollows or depressions around the eyes filled. Many procedures have been described to attain any one of these goals, but few procedures address all these deficits in one setting.

Dr. Guy Massry MD, Beverly Hills ophthalmic plastic surgeon, with his associate Morris Hartstein, MD, recently reported their results on the “Lift and Fill Lower Blepharoplasty at the 2011 fall meeting of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic andReconstructive surgery in Orlando Florida. The data was then submitted for publication in the peer reviewed scientific journal (Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – OPRS) of the same society. The manuscript has been peer reviewed, accepted for publication, and is currently in press, to be released within the calendar year.

The technique combines the time honored procedures of lower lid muscle tightening (orbicularis suspension) with lower lid fat translocation (from areas of prominence to areas of depression), also called fat repositioning, to reduce fat prominence and fill depressions. The combined procedures have not been studied together and published before.

Why is this important? We now know that fat is precious in the face and especially in the eyelids. The goal is not to remove fat, but to preserve it and move it to areas of fat loss (depressions). The “Lift and Fill Lower Blepharoplasty” not only preserves fat, while filling hollows, it also tightens, supports and improves the natural contour of the lower lid.

This recent innovation is born out of a continuing effort by DrMassry to improve the field of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Massry is also active making comprehensive information available to anyone considering ophthalmic plastic surgery through his website and social network pages. Please visit www.drmassry.com.