Colonoscopy Proven More Accurate Than CT Scans

Colonoscopy Proven More Accurate Than CT ScansMore than 103,000 new cases of colon cancer will be diagnosed this year and roughly 50,000 people will die as a direct result of suffering from colon cancer. What most people don’t know is, many of the deaths could have been prevented by screening. Because nobody should be dying of colon cancer, the key is getting people involved in screening.

A recent study compared two screening methods, Computed tomography (CT) scans and standard colonoscopy with laxatives. CT scans found polyps at a size most likely to turn cancerous in 91 percent of patients, compared with 95% of patients identified using standard colonoscopy.  CT scan screening detected 20 out of 22 confirmed lesions that were 10 millimeters or greater in size, while the standard colonoscopy found 21 out of 22. Moreover, the CT scan was not as good at finding smaller polyps, identifying 59% of lesions 6 millimeters or bigger. Meanwhile, the standard colonoscopy identified 76%.

With colonoscopy having a higher rate of polyp detection, particularly with detecting smaller polyps, patients are better off having a colonoscopy. A procedure that is unable to identify smaller polyps will not be a tool that experts will consider good enough to use on patients, especially not when considering the fact many patients want smaller polyps removed.
In our opinion, patients should opt for a colonoscopy because it provides better screening results. A CT colongraphy should be thought as an alternative for patients who are found not the a candidate for conventional colonoscopy.

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