Artificial hips don’t slow this doctor down

Despite a double hip replacement surgery six years ago, La Peer Health Systems anesthesiologist, Dr. Calvin Johnson, is just as mobile as he was in his prime.

Dr. Johnson spent his Super Bowl XLVI morning running his first race with his two artificial hips. He had a great time at the 10k race and finished in under an hour!

Like many, Dr. Johsnon was very active in his youth and continued to stay active into his 40s. At 40 he started experiencing hip pain and by 46 the pain was there 24/7. Not only did this threaten his active lifestyle, but it also had an impact on his career.

In 2006, he decided to undergo a double hip replacement, which substituted his arthritic joints with manmade joints.

Dr. Johnson returned to work 9 days after surgery and returned to his active lifestyle and works out 4 months later.

Today his hips are still pain free and allow him to live life as actively as he wants!