Surgical Surgery Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation after spine surgery is necessary to help patients gain the most benefit from their surgery. Initially, rehabilitation is helpful for patients to recover from the surgery as quickly and effectively as possible. A physical therapist typically work with the patient to help him get back into better physical condition.

  1. Controlling Pain after Spine Surgery- A physical therapist will help manage pain after spine surgery. Pain control is a necessary step to allow patients to regain strength. The physical therapist many use various means to help alleviate pain and this may include certain spine positions, ice application, some types of movements and electrical devices like TENS unit.
  2. Recovery Exercises after Spine Surgery- A spine surgery patient can have better recovery with exercises. Exercise is the key to removing fatigue and staying away from re-injury. A physical therapist is expected to create an exercise programs that are tailored to particular patients based on information of the precise type of spine surgery and the factors that are advantageous for the spine of the patient under several conditions.
  3. Training Program after Spine Surgery- The physical therapist will make a training program for the particular patient while considering specific surgery, body tissue conditions and body types. He should focus on facilitating muscles in areas where a special training may be needed by the muscles to gain strength and give stability after the spine surgery.  Individualized physical therapy may be helpful also for areas where the flexibility and mobility of the patient has been restricted by spine surgery.