Knee Arthroscopic Surgery – Treatment

Treatments and Aftercare

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Ligament and Patellar Surgeries
In scenarios where there is knee displacement or severe damage of the ligaments, Arthroscopic surgery is done often with ligament grafting. It involves getting a tendon tissue to be utilized for grafting and for creating holes in the femur, tibia or in the two bones with a drill. For 6-8 weeks, the person who underwent surgery might need to utilize crutches. The surgeon or any orthopedic specialist would strongly suggest a strength rehabilitation course that could help regain knee strength and function. The patient could resume his or her sporting or any physical activity when the doctor says so, depending largely on the person’s size, age and overall health status. The physician would make a thorough assessment first before deciding that it’s time for the client to get back to activities of daily living.

Patellar surgeries offer 90% chance of avoiding a patellar dislocation, despite a feeling of pain and swelling post surgery. It greatly depends on the rehabilitation plan being handed out for the patient to adhere.

Lavage and Debridement Surgeries

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For a short period of time, the leg must be slightly elevated to facilitate drainage. While walking, a crutch or knee immobilizer adds up strength and assurance. Physical therapy is highly recommended. Presence of dislodged blood clots may happen when there is pain and swelling at surgical site.

Different alternatives could be tested when several factors and options don’t serve up well. One of which is a conservative treatment which stands for RICE, which was being endorsed by the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons. The RICE method stands for the following:
R- Rest. Allowing the knee to rest induces faster ligament healing.
I – Ice. Apply ice at the site for 15-20 minutes.
C- Compression. Compress the site with by utilizing a brace or bandage.
E- Elevation. Elevate the knee if necessary. This is to facilitate drainage and reduce swelling.

For pain management in Arthritis cases, anti-inflammatory drugs, weight management and regular exercise could aid the knee as it builds up strength.