Hernia: Treatment

Hernia: Treatment

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Hernia treatment can be surgical or non-surgical based on its severity. Usually, non-surgical treatments help ease the discomfort and pain that resulted from a hernia while surgical treatments are used for extreme and severe cases of hernia.

Non-Surgical Hernia Treatment

  1. Henria Belts– These are lightweight belts that are made to give easiness movement during recovery. They are designed to be worn over belts with straps that can be adjusted and are lined with foam for additional comfort.
  2. Trusses- These come as umbilical and spring trusses. The umbilical truss is worn around the midsection while the spring truss is used around waist to act as a support.
  3. Hernia Briefs– These types of briefs look just like any ordinary briefs except that they are made with foam pads and spandex to give additional support.
  4. Bindings- Bindings for the abdomen are elastic and offer constant compression and abdominal muscles support.

Surgical Hernia Treatments
The surgical operation for hernia involves the replacement of hernia contents in the abdominal cavity and repair of the defect. Usually, a prosthetic material must be fitted to allow the safe repair. The operation needs anesthesia administration and it is likely that after or during the operation, blood or blood products might be used.
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