Flat Foot/Feet: Treatment and Other Interventions

Treatment and Other Interventions

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Some people who have flatfeet would rather try a self treatment like attempting to align their lower limbs, which may result to unpleasant symptoms. In most flatfoot cases, treatment is not a top priority.

Here are some things that a flatfoot person could do to feel more comfortable:
For Pain- it could be relieved through by being smart in selecting on what shoes to wear, by making good choices in footwear such as adhering to supportive, well-fitted foot gears. Patients may report improvements in pain perception when the wider fitting shoes are used.

Fitted Insoles/ Orthotics- these are customized arch supports that decreases the pressure in the arch and alleviates pain when the patient over-pronates. When it is worn, The patient totally benefits from wearing orthotics. if not, the pain and comfort won’t be there. It gives them comfort and relieves pain.

Wedge- This works best for patients who are suffering from tendonitis of the posterior tibia. It is inserted along the orthotic’s inner part which relieves the extra burden carried by the tendons.

Ankle Braces- Patients with posterior tibial tendinitis would benefit the most until the inflammation subsides.

Rest- It is the simplest intervention, along with abstaining activities that makes the feet feel more uncomfortable. This allows the feet to heal and for increased comfort.

Insole and Painkiller- A one-two punch of these two drugs could help patients with a ruptured tendon, as well as those suffering from arthritis. Surgical intervention may be done to those clients who could not tolerate Insoles and Painkillers to relieve tension, pressure and pain.

Surgical Intervention for Children- It is necessary for the child if it has fused bones due to congenital malformations or defects that result into having a flat foot at the time of birth. These bones are separated during this operation.

Weight Management- This is most applicable to obese patients, since it relieves the pressure on those flatfeet. Losing pounds may decrease the episodes of the symptoms.