Breast Augmentation Revision

ophthalmology-la-peer-healthIn addition to offering breast augmentation and reduction, our board-certified plastic surgeons specialize in breast augmentation revision for those patients who underwent unsatisfactory breast surgery at another facility. Some reasons that patients pursue breast revision surgery at La Peer include:

  • Implant hardening
  • Implant displacement
  • Breast asymmetry

An outpatient surgery center in the heart of Beverly Hills, La Peer offers the most advanced treatments and equipment in order to facilitate the best surgical experience and get you the results you originally desired from breast augmentation. If you are unsatisfied with the results of a previous procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.


More specifically, patients may opt to undergo repeat or revision breast surgery for the following reasons:

  • General dissatisfaction with the appearance of the breasts after implantation
  • Implants that are not the desired size
  • The desire to switch from saline breast implants to silicone breast implants
  • A rippling appearance to the implant
  • Capsular contracture, which is an uncomfortable, “hardened” feeling in the breast caused by scar tissue forming around the implant
  • Unnatural positioning of the implant
  • Implant deflation or leakage
  • Asymmetry of the breasts not corrected in the original procedure

Although most breast augmentation procedures are extremely successful, patients who are dissatisfied with the results of their procedure should know that options exist. During your visit to La Peer, your surgeon will create a procedure plan specifically designed to revise the results from an earlier surgery and provide you with a beautiful, natural-looking outcome that is more in line with your original goals.


The procedure for breast augmentation revision will vary depending upon what needs to be revised or improved. There are several steps that can be taken to correct an undesired result including a re-creation or modification of the implant pocket and removal of scar tissue. Revision breast surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.


Depending on the type and extent of revision breast surgery you require, recovery times may vary. Patients who undergo implant removal can expect some degree of post-operative swelling and bruising. Since our plastic surgeons use minimally invasive procedures, they are able to reduce the amount of bruising and swelling seen in a typical patient. As was the case with your initial augmentation procedure, you will need to refrain from strenuous activity, wear a surgical bra for extra support and follow the after-care instructions your doctor provides in the wake of surgery.


Q: Is the Breast Revision surgery done in an accredited facility?
A: All of our surgeries are performed in a fully accredited multi-million dollar surgery facility using state-of-the-art technology and equipped with a world-class staff. Learn more about La Peer Health Systems’ excellent patient care.

Q: Will I have a lot of scar tissue from my previous surgery? Will it cause complications?
A: Scar tissue is common after breast augmentation, however the amount of tissue present varies from patient to patient. Our surgeons are well trained in the use of expert techniques to get around scar tissue that may be present during surgery.

Q: Will I experience pain after my breast revision surgery?
A: La Peer doctors are highly skilled and use advanced techniques and refined instruments that minimize discomfort in the wake of surgical procedures.

Q: How long before I can work out after breast revision surgery?
A: You will need to avoid all rigorous, strenuous activities for a few weeks until healing is complete and your doctor gives the OK to resume a normal activity level.

Q: Will insurance pay for breast revision surgery?
A: Breast revision procedures are usually considered to be cosmetic and are generally not covered by insurance. There may be exceptions, so you should check directly with our office if you have questions.

Q: Is financing available for breast revision surgery?
A: Yes. Financing is available to our patients. Additionally, we offer a cash discount for surgery patients with no insurance. Please check in with our business office for information.


The plastic surgeons at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles offer implant revision surgery to help those who are dissatisfied with a previous breast augmentation or reconstruction procedure. At our surgical center, we rank amongst the highest in patient satisfaction. One of the reasons we have so many satisfied patients and excellent outcomes is, because unlike large hospitals, our unique structure allows us to offer extremely personal care in a safe and controlled environment.

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