Department of Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is the medical and sugical specialty concerned with the eye, the visual pathways and the tissues around the eye. The Ophthalmologists here at LaPeer offer the latest eye surgeries including cataract surgery, vitrectomy, tear duct surgery, orbital surgery and cosmetic surgery. Our doctors also provide the highest quality medical services and diagnostic testing. La Continue Reading >>

La Peer Health Systems Digestive Disease Program

Digestive disease can be severely disruptive to normal daily life and whether a disease in its own right or symptomatic of another underlying illness, each and every digestive complaint should be investigated. At La Peer Health Systems, a team of twelve professional gastroenterologists and surgeons are on hand to discuss, diagnose, operate on, treat and Continue Reading >> doctors

General Surgery Procedures, Specialists, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

The Department of General Surgery at La Peer Surgery Center deals with a very wide variety of surgical procedures on a wide range of bodily complaints. The conditions that are treated by General Surgery include those of the skin, liver, pancreas, colon, intestines, thyroid and parathyroid glands, breasts, stomach, esophagus and neck. Conditions such as Continue Reading >>

General & Colorectal Surgeon in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL & COLORECTAL SURGERY The Department of General & Colorectal Surgery at La Peer Health Systems focuses on the diseases and conditions of the abdominal area and digestive organs. This department has a particular focus on colorectal and laparoscopic procedures. Laparoscopy is a surgical technique where small incisions are made instead of one Continue Reading >>

Parotid and Salivary Gland Surgery Program

A human has six saliva glands within his cheeks; two located on the lower jaw, and one much larger one at the back the jaw, extending from the middle of the ear down the below the earlobe. This last gland is known as the ‘parotid’ and although problems with the parotid gland are rare, it Continue Reading >>

Pain Management Specialist, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

PAIN MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Chronic pain is an unfortunate fact of life for many people. However, proper medical supervision with a pain management doctor can make it manageable. The Department of Pain Management at La Peer Health Systems has pain specialists, nurses, doctors and physicians who will work in a variety of ways to provide the Continue Reading >>